Saturday, June 11, 2011

I want her Closet: Nicky Hilton

My weakness is shoes. I organize them by designer. My favorites are Christian Louboutin and Alaïa.
I wear flats all the time. My staple outfit is skinny jeans, ballet flats and a blazer.
I love Hello Kitty and always will. Here she is wearing my Marc Jacobs shoes and Cavalli cape. Quite the couture kitty.
I love the collaboration Tokidoki did with Karl Lagerfeld! Here he is sitting on my lamp adorned in some of my Chanel accessories. I love the limited edition necklace I got in the Las Vegas boutique.
This Hermès cuff was given to me by my boyfriend for my birthday. He engraved it with my birth date and a sweet message. The Chanel bag is so teeny that it’s sort of impractical but I couldn’t resist.
I love Hermès. Baby blue is one of my favorite colors.
Hermès is known for their handbags but I think I love their jewelry even more. Such edgy, iconic pieces.
I love panthers. They symbolize courage and power.
I bought this Dolce coat when I was in Milan a few years ago for fashion week. It’s subtle with sparkly accents. The Louboutins I needed to have. I’m a sucker for anything with studs.
My jewelry collection is very deco inspired. I love all things of that era.
I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing this clutch at the height of Sex & the City-mania and I knew I had to have it. Such a pretty clutch with a personal touch.
I love Chanel. So classic and timeless.
I love when designers do their staple pieces in wild color schemes. It’s so unexpected.
I bought these shoes at Kirna Zabête in New York. I think I was having a black overload in my wardrobe and wanted to spice it up.
I bought this Versace dress at the Las Vegas boutique right after the Beyoncé video came out. I had an event that night and that dress is undeniably hot!
When I find something I like I tend to buy it in all colors, shapes and sizes.
My bengal Valentine looks so adorable! She was a gift from my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day a few years ago.
I wore this dress to the Vanity Fair Oscar party years ago. I was standing at the bar and Tom Ford tapped me on the shoulder. Apparently it wasn’t draping correctly so he fixed it for me.
I think the ‘N’ was for Napoleon but my mom picked it up for me in Paris because she thought of me.
I bought this purse almost 10 years ago in Las Vegas. It looks very Vegas-y.
I started a junior sportswear company, ‘Chick by Nicky Hilton’, in 2004. Very young and girly. The 7 bag was for a line I did with Samantha Thavasa. It was one of their best sellers.
Meeting Obama was very neat. Such a cool, eloquent, personal man. I feel prouder to be American than ever right now. Go USA!
I love ice cream. It’s sweet and innocent. My friend Onch Movement designed the single scoop ice cream necklace. Very Katy Perry.
Top and Shoes, Chanel; Necklace, Onch Movement
This Moschino jacket was my mother’s. She was going to give it away and I swooped in and took it for myself. Love tweed, black and pearls.
After months of searching and being on waiting lists I finally stumbled on this Kelly bag in St. Barts during Christmas a few years back. I guess someone had ordered it and didn’t pick it up so it was mine. You snooze you loose :p
My boyfriend and I did this shoot for L’uomo Vogue. We are both in Dior Homme. The photographer wanted me to look like the dominating male.Shoes, Dolce & Gabbana; Bag, Alexander McQueen
I’ve been wearing Balenciaga bags since I was 16. So naturally I picked up many colors and variations along the way. Perfect go-to purse. The Alexander McQueen scarves are an easy, fun accessory to any outfit.
I’m obsessed with anything leopard so these shoes were a must-have for me. I picked up the yellow necklace one night in NYC when I was out with the boys from LMFAO. I think it’s their line that they designed.
Shoes, Lanvin; Necklace, LMFAO
Coat, Christian Dior; Dress, Louis Vuitton
No one makes sexier (and more expensive may I add!) shoes than Alaïa.
Top, Chloé; Shoes, Alaïa; Bag, Yves Saint Laurent; Necklace, Chanel
This goes back to my love for monogramming. I had these made for me by the Beverly Hills jewelry store XIV Karats.Necklaces, Custom Made by XIV Karats
I love a good collaboration! I thought the Hello Kitty and Tarina Tarantino combo was fantastic. Fun for all ages!Bag, Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse; Jewelry, Hello Kitty x Tarina Tarantino
Rings, Top Row- Anita Ko; Middle Row- Loree Rodkin, Vintage; Bottom Row- Loree Rodkin, Anita Ko, Lanvin