Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Smurfette wears designer accessories in Harper’s Bazaar

I opened up my inbox this morning to find an oddly alluring email about Smurfette wearing designer accessories in new issue of Harper’s Bazaar. First off, I had no idea The Smurfs movie was coming out and second off, I find it hilarious to see Smurfette posing with high end designer goods. However, somehow this small blue fictional character pulls off posing and wearing accessories in a rather fashionably comical manner.
From Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton to Dolce & GabbanaSmurfette hits the pages of Harper’s Bazaar in accessories any non-fictional female would pine for.
 The Smurfs leading lady ended up getting a huge feature in a coveted fashion magazine, which will leave some human characters feeling a little bitter. But with the perfect styling, Smurfette does the designers she sports justice. I especially like her Louis Vuitton look, mostly because the bag is available by special order only and I feel a tinge of envy over an object that a large-headed-blue-creature has.

This issue of Harper’s Bazaar will hit stands July 12th with Anne Hathaway on the cover.
Which look do you love from Smurfette, Mad for Marc or Dancing on Dolce or Prancing in Vuitton?


  1. Love Ann Hatheway.Not so sure about the miss smurf though :p