Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blow Out

Replicating that perfect salon blow out is always a difficult task, but hair stylist Eric Gabriel shares his tips with Heidi so that she (and you) can always have a good hair day.

1. Completely towel dry your hair, especially the roots.

2. Section your hair into two side-pieces, one upper back piece, and one lower back piece that you begin with.

3. Always have the hair dryer on high volume, and use a lightweight dryer if possible to keep your arms from getting tired.

4. Have a firm hold on the brush, and anchor the hair tightly, starting at the roots. Blow from the top down to avoid frizz.

5. You don't need to see the back of your head to give yourself a perfect blow out. Use touch and sense of feeling to know how far you've come.


  1. oh la la thanks for sharing the notes and video :D

  2. you are more than welcome :)
    i tried it, ummmm it wasn't easy for the first time :)