Saturday, September 10, 2011

TV shows I want to watch this Fall:

1. Gossip Girl
 2. New Girl
3. Up All Night
5. Whitney
5. Hart of Dixie
 6. Ringer
 7. The Rachel Zoe Project
8.Grey's Anatomy
Looks like my DVR is going to be mighty busy!


  1. hummmm i can see new ones are gonna air this season!! though i'm not a tv person but i'ld like to add some shows to my watch list.. i usually watch grey's anatomy & how i met your mother .. that's it :S

  2. ooh this list looks nice and new a lot of shows i havent heard of i should add them to my list:p thanks for sharing

  3. miya: i love grey's anatomy i've never missed an episode. how i met yor mother i watch it during summer when i have nothing to do :p u should check the new fall shows they seem interesting :)

    Chick Flick Journal: you should add them , i usually watch the first 2 episodes if i don't like it i would cancel it :)

  4. hi sweetie :) hope i'm not bothering you but you've got an award here

  5. hey sorry for my late respond :( i was traveling :)
    nice blog :)

  6. haha i can see you're going to be sitting in front of your TV for manyyy hours this month! :P Xx

  7. Loooool can't u see my posts are less :p well I didn't like some so I canceled them from the list : ringer, Whitney,and up all night :)